How to Color Gray Hair and Get Natural Looking Results

Coloring gray hair back to its original color looks as artificial as the classic blue rinse, whether dark, red or blonde. Find out how to color gray hair and still get a natural, healthy look.


How to Color Gray Hair for Brunettes

When hair loses its pigmentation, so does the skin. This is why colored hair causes a harsh contrast and ages instead of rejuvenating. But medium browns and hazelnut complement mature skin and never look artificial.Gray hair flatters few women, but well maintained white hair adds an air of regal elegance: Meryl Streep in the role of Miranda Priestly from the movie 'The Devil Wears Prada'

If your natural color was black, you can try black lowlights. The uncolored strands of gray work as highlights.

Tip: Unless it was your natural color, blonde streaks accentuate gray.


How to Color Gray Hair for Blondes

A combination of highlights and lowlights in pearl, beige and medium blonde disguise gray completely. Nuances can be darkened or lightened, but ash tones neutralize yellowness.

Once gray hair has turned white, it can be toned blonde. Choose pearl or beige for elegance, and platinum for glamor.


How to Color Gray Hair for Redheads

You can’t emulate your original, natural red without it looking brassy.Gray Hair: Blonde Highlights & Lowlights

For more than 20 percent of white or gray, tones of light, warm brown or warm blonde are a good choice.

Less than 20 percent of white or gray is best treated with a temporary coloring product that closely matches your natural color. Full of conditioners, wash-out products are good for the hair and only coat it with a tinted film.

They intensify your natural red, and white or gray streaks turn into shimmering highlights.


Keeping White Hair White

Gray hair flatters few women, but well maintained white hair adds an air of regal elegance.

A silver rinse applied once a month not only neutralizes yellowness caused byGray Hair: Black lowlights on gray hair ultra-violet rays, it also conditions for superb sheen.


Tips for Coloring White or Gray Hair

  • If uncertain between two colors, choose the lightest.
  • Except for redheads, temporary coloring products are only suitable for less than ten percent gray.
  • Avoid natural coloring products with henna: they turn white and gray hair orange. Natural products cannot be chemically removed, nor colored over, and take up to eight weeks to ‘fade out’.
  • A gentle alternative to peroxide and ammonia based products is one like Grecian that works with oxygen: the hair turns gradually darker by contact to air. The colour choice ranges from dark blonde to brown.

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