How to Apply Blush According to Your Face Shape

Soften a heart face or add definition to a square or round face. How to apply blush for your face shape.


The Basics of Blush

Things to Know Before Applying Blush

  • Use powder blush if you wear foundation.
  • Before applying powder blush, powder your face to prevent it appearing blotchy.
  • Powder blush settles in large pores, but a cream-to-powder foundation prevents this.
  • Get natural looking results by applying translucent powder with a large brush over your blush.
  • Cream blush can only be worn on tinted moisturizer or an unmade-up complexion.
  • Lipstick does not work in place of blush. The higher skin temperature of cheeks causes the lipstick’s pigmentation to separate from its base substances.
  • Cheek and lip color should correspond. They don’t have to be an exact match, but they should be of the same color family.
  • Your blush color must correspond with your foundation or natural skin tone. A soft pinkBlush: Courtesy of Nivea on a beige complexion, for example, looks unnatural.

Choice of Blush Colors

Because many women are uncertain when it comes to blush, brown and apricot tones are popular choices. These are ideal for a natural, daytime look, but inappropriate for evening-wear. Because night-light swallows color, vibrant tones work best.

There are Four Color Families to Choose From

  • Cool blueish and pink tones, including fuchsia and rosewood, are only for winter and summer skin types.
  • Warm, yellow based colors, including salmon, coral and cinnamon, create a subtle effect.
  • Natural looking browns, terracotta, amber, apricot and sienna are the easiest colors to blend and match.
  • Vivid reds, like hibiscus and tomato, look superb on brown-toned and dark skins.

How intense blush appears depends on brush size and pressure applied. For large areas, use a large brush for a natural effect. For precision and intensity, use a small brush. If you want to apply bronzer to your whole face, use a large brush to ensure even skin tone.


How to Apply Blush

Apply Blush According to Face Shape
Apply blush according to face shape


Oval Face

This is the most versatile of face shapes.

For a youthful, fresh, natural look, just stroke a large blush brush directly over your cheekbones.

For a powerful, defined look, place blush at a slant at the point where your cheekbones slope down to your cheeks. A small brush works best for this.


Heart Face

This is the most difficult face shape.

How to Apply Blush: Heart FaceA heart face appears pointy and angular, but blush can soften its edges and make it seem more oval.

Using a small blush brush, begin at the outermost point of your cheekbones and work downwardly and inwardly, but inwardly no further than at a vertical level with your outer eye corner.

Now go back to the starting point. Using only what is left on the brush, apply to your temples, and, working upwards, the corners of your forehead. Don’t be afraid of going into your hairline.

Never apply blush in a sloping direction as you would on an oval face–it makes a heart face seem thin and haggard.


Square FaceHow to Apply Blush: Square Face

A square face is wide chinned and appears heavy and expansive.

Apply blush diagonally halfway down your cheekbone. The lower placement breaks up the apparent expanse and takes weight off the chin.

Soften a square face by shading the corners of your forehead with what is left on the brush.


Round Face

If you are using blush to shade and form contours, avoid products with glitter particles orHow to Apply Blush: Round Face other shiny effects. Only matte products do the job. Brown tones work best.

Using a small brush, begin at ear level and work along your lower cheek contour toward your mouth corner. Short, sketchy brush movements assure good blending.

With what is left on the brush, cover the narrowest area between your eyebrows and hairline.


More Tips and Tricks

  • When applying blush, always use the least possible pressure, unless you want a more intense color.
  • Apply only light-colored blush if you’ve got a pale complexion. Dark blushes are for tanned or dark skins.
  • Only use what is left on the brush when shading your forehead area.
  • Use glittery and glossy blushes only if your complexion is perfect. The same applies to bronzers with reflective particles. Never use such products to shade and form contours, either.
  • Never blend powder blush with your finger: it ruins foundation.
  • Apply cream blush with your ring finger. A wedge-shaped sponge is ideal for further blending.
  • Eradicate a double chin by applying blush under your chin and on your neck.
  • Apply blush to the sides of your nose to slim it down.
  • Apply blush to the end of your nose to make it seem shorter.
  • Apply blush in the fold of your eye-lid to create an illusion of added depth.
  • Apply blush to the grooves below and above your collar bones.
  • Apply blush between your breasts for the appearance of added depth.

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