The Twiggy Look is Back!

The Twiggy Look, epitome of the swinging 60s, is back in 2011. Eyes, cheeks & lips — find out how to get the iconic look of the 60s!


The Twiggy Look!


Twiggy Eyes

Twiggy style eye make-up is great for women who want their eyes to appear bigger.

Using light or white powdereyeshadow, brush over the upper eyelid. Shade the crease with dark shadow and place a soft highlight along the brow bone.

Dovetail outer eye corners are easiest to create with black gel eyeliner. Use white wax eyeliner for the lower inner lids. For long, spiky lashes, apply lash extender or try real false lashes. Make eyelashes seem even longer with black eyeliner along the upper inner lid.Twiggy: 60s Icon


Twiggy Cheeks

Don’t forget highlighter: it was the rage in the late 60s, lending a soft transition between blush and natural skin tone. Blush doesn’t have to match lipstick exactly, but it should be of the same color family.


Twiggy Lips

Complete the look with matte lipstick in soft pink. Haven’t got a matte lipstick? A nude or light lipliner applied over the entire lip does the job and stays on longer than lipstick. Even without gloss, pale lip color adds volume.

The reloaded Twiggy look works great with a disheveled bob.


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