Dilated Capillaries of the Face

Dilated capillaries (also called broken capillaries) are blocked blood vessels. Dilated capillaries of the face are noticable if skin is dry or sensitive. The surest way to get rid of them is by laser, but make-up, creams and massage can also help.


Causes of Dilated Capillaries

Sun, cigarettes, alcohol, facial scrubs, heat, cold, water-based moisturizers worn in freezing conditions, and eye-glasses weighing on the bridge of the nose are the main causes of dilated capillaries of the face.

Like rosacea, the condition is harmless although difficult to heal. But concealer, creams and massage can help.Broken Capillaries


Covering Dilated Capillaries with Concealer

Covering dilated capillaries with make-up is easy and fast.

First, apply a base of day cream. If dilated capillaries show through very red, green concealer neutralizes their color: use a concealer brush to apply. Follow up with foundation matching natural skin tone exactly. Densely pigmented cream or compact foundations work best.


Creams for Dilated Capillaries

Creams for dilated capillaries are made with extracts of crowfoot and celandine. These encourage circulation and keep capillary walls elastic. Although creams prevent more dilated capillaries, most don’t get rid of them completely.

Dermatologists use retinaldehyd, a gentle form of vitamin A acid. It thickens skin, making dilated capillaries invisible.


Myofascial Massage

Myofascial massage releases the blockage that causes dilated capillaries.

Spread the finger tips (excluding thumbs) at each side of the nostrils. Massage using circular movements with firm but minimal pressure to the count of five. The skin should appear white after lifting the fingers. Move the fingers up a little further and massage again in the same way. Continue to the bridge of the nose and beneath the eyes.

For optimal results, massage for ten minutes at least four times a week. The best time to massage is directly after removing make-up when the skin is oil-free.

Massage has been known to diminish dilated capillaries completely, so it’s a good idea to try it before opting for laser treatment.

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  1. jennifer kohl
    December 7, 2012 at 6:04 am

    I’m 22 and have dilated capillaries on the bridge of my nose and I look way older than I should! I’m being a complete girl about it, can’t help but feel selfconscience! I will be trying the massaging I hope it works! Lazers will need to be put on hold until I win the lotto lol

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